Batch OE2 Tech Sheet



OE2 is the latest batch of Espadín from Onofre. This one will be the first batch of Espadín available in the United States, and will be appearing the UK later this year. 


Like OE1, there are prominent notes of rosemary and thyme with honeysuckle sweetness and wafts of campfire smoke. This one was produced in the colder months and so is bigger on the high notes with citrus, grape, and stone fruits present. It's sensational in our Signature Martini.      




Year: 2017

Town: Bramaderos

Region: Miahuatlán, Oaxaca

Master Mezcalero: Onofre Ortiz



100% Organic Estate Grown Espadín (Agave Angustifolia) 



1st October 2017  

140 Pinas

Total raw weight: 12000 kg



4th -8th October

Earthen ground oven

Guamuche and Mesquite smoked

Total cooked weight: 11500 kg



8th - 19th October

Hand held machete and mechanical shredder



11th - 22nd November

Sabino wood vat

Well water added

Natural airborne yeasts



16th - 27th December

360 Litre Fire Powered Copper Alembic

Number of distillations: 2

2027 Litres produced