Batch AN7 Tech Sheet


AN7 represents Atenogenes and Jose's biggest batch to date at 1,841 litres! This is still a tiny batch in comparison to wider world of spirits - a large modern facility can produce 500,000 litres per day -  but it still represents a milestone for Atenogenes and Jose in their efforts to fulfil demand for their mezcals. 



To create this batch they completed 4 separate tapadas, or oven-loads of agave, which were crushed, fermented and distilled once individually. These distillates, known as shishe or ordinario with an ABV of about 20%, were then compiled into one before a 2nd distillation resulting in mezcal at 48%. Full details below:



Tapada 1

Dates: 11th September to 4th December 2020

Espadín: 48 Piñas / 3300kg

Madrecuishe: 25 Piñas / 1600kg



Tapada 2

Dates: 28th January to 3rd April 2021

Espadín: 52 Piñas / 3600kg

Madrecuishe: 23 Piñas / 1500kg



Tapada 3

Dates: 24th Feb to 5th May 2021 

Espadín: 45 Piñas / 3200kg

Madrecuishe: 21 Piñas / 1400kg



Tapada 4

Dates: 2nd August to 13th October 2021

Espadín: 80 Piñas / 5600kg

Madrecuishe: 20 Piñas / 1300kg



After the first distillation these 4 tapadas were compiled in December 2021 and left to rest for 6 months. They then went through a 2nd distillation from June to August 2022, resulting in 1841 litres of mezcal at 48.1% ABV. 



All 4 tapadas were roast with hardwoods - Oak, Mesquite, and Guamuchil - for 8 days in a traditional pit oven. After roasting they were chopped to size by machete and crushed by a tahona stone. Fermented in open topped sabina pine tinas with no proprietary yeasts or accelerants (i.e. natural fermentation) for 11 to 21 days. And distilled in 300 litre fire powered copper pot stills.

The flavour profile of AN7 is a broad representation of Atenogenes and Jose's style, with both the sweet roast apricot and oaky notes typical of a summer batch, and the zesty and floral notes found in a winter batch.