Batch OE4 Tech Sheet

It's with a big sigh of relief that we announce the release of our latest batch of Espadin. You may have noticed we've been out of stock for the last couple of months. This was due to a bit of bad timing and a whole load of crystal meth.

The meth in question was liquefied and hidden in shipments of tequila and mezcal due for export, but was intercepted by the Mexican government. This happened days before our container of Espadin was due to leave the port of Veracruz, and the government responded by putting a hold on all tequila and mezcal exports. Our container ended up at the back of a long queue, deep in the Veracuz warehouse.

3 months and £4k in port storage fees later we were informed that our bottles did not contain liquid crytal meth. What they did contain, was Espadin Batch OE4 from Onofre. And it's an instant classic.

Onofre has done something really special here. The classic earthy, mineral, and aromatic notes are all there, but they're served up with lashings of oaky caramel and creamy savoury butter. It's rich, it's indulgent, and it's easily his finest work to date.




Year: 2023

Town: Bramaderos

Region: Miahuatlán, Oaxaca

Master Mezcalero: Onofre Ortiz



100% Organic Estate Grown Espadín



10th February 2023 

280 Pinas

Total raw weight: 25000 kg



12th -16th February

Earthen ground oven

Guamuche and Mesquite smoked

Total cooked weight: 24000 kg



14th - 16th August

Hand held machete and mechanical shredder



20th - 28th August  

Sabino wood vat

Well water added

Natural airborne yeasts



28th August to 4th September

360 Litre Fire Powered Copper Alembics

Number of distillations: 2

2497 Litres produced