Batch OE1 Tech Sheet

We're delighted to announce the arrival of our new batch of Espadín - OE1. It's the 2nd batch of our pure Espadín expression, and our first collaboration with Mezcalero Onofre Ortiz.

Onofre's palenque is situated in the town of Bramaderos in the Miahuatlán Valley, a short drive from Atenogenes' palenque on the Calle Pensamientos. Like Atenogenes' productions, his mezcals are full of the earthy minerals and floral sweetness which are characteristic of the terroir of Miahuatlán. He also takes a similar approach to production - each step of process is slow and considered - and the resultant mezcals are clean, rich, and elegantly balanced.

Like the previous batch of Espadín - Atenogenes' Batch PS1 - OE1 has notes of rosemary and thyme, with honeysuckle sweetness in the mid palette which fades out to a dry satisfying finish. There's also a touch more smoke and masa present - like a fresh tortilla cooked on an open fire. Delicious on its own or killer in our Signature Negroni




Year: 2017

Town: Bramaderos

Region: Miahuatlán, Oaxaca

Master Mezcalero: Onofre Ortiz



100% Organic Estate Grown Espadín



10th June 2017  

300 Pinas

Total raw weight: 25000 kg



11th -15th June

Earthen ground oven

Guamuche and Mesquite smoked

Total cooked weight: 24000 kg



16th June - 10th July

Hand held machete and mechanical shredder



19th - 30th July

Sabino wood vat

Well water added

Natural airborne yeasts



2nd - 14th August

360 Litre Fire Powered Copper Alembic

Number of distillations: 2

2497 Litres produced