Batch A2 Tech Sheet

A1 is out. A2 is in. As with all artisanal mezcal’s, there is a small but noticeable difference between the batches. In this case, the principle difference in production was the ambient temperature during fermentation – A1 was fermented during an unusually cool January and consequentially took over 40 days to complete, in warmer conditions A2 took just 17 days – but many other variables of weather, ingredients, and chance contribute. This is just the wonderful, irreplicable nature of mezcal. Importantly, they share core recognisable features, and in our opinion A2 tastes even better than A1 :)

Here are the gory details. 


Year: 2017/8

Region: Miahuatlan, Oaxaca

Master Mezcalero: Atenogenes Garcia



68.4% Espadin, 31.6% Madrecuishe

100% organic estate grown agave

Crops grown near to agave: maize, squash and beans.



28th – 29th December  

52 Espadin pinas (3450kg)

16 Madrecuishe pinas (1600kg)

Total raw weight: 5050kg



3rd-10th December

Earthen ground oven

Oak, Guamuch and Mesquite smoked

Total cooked weight: 3500kg



19th-21st December

Composite Stone Tahona




21st December – 6th January

Sabino wood vat

Well water added

Natural airborne yeasts



6th – 16th January

Copper pot still

Fire powered

Number of distillations: 2

500 Litres produced