Pensador Mezcals are produced in the Miahuatlán region of Southern Oaxaca, Mexico.

The region of Miahuatlán forms a plain of roughly 1,500km² at an altitude of 5,100ft. It’s situated at the southern tail of Oaxaca’s Valles Centrales – a part of the same valley system as the primary mezcal producing region of Tlacolula 100km to the north, but separated by a collection of mountains
east of Ejutla. Significantly, the plain is surrounded to the south, east and west by the Sierra Sur range, sheltering it from Pacific weather systems, creating a warmer, drier climate than the prolific Tlacolula. This distinctive geography has given rise to a unique biodiversity of maguey
varietals of agave - many of which are endemic to only Miahuatlán.

Isolation from Tlacolula has also resulted in a unique culture and production style amongst the 
region’s Mezcaleros. Through the generations techniques are passed from father to son, and shared with neighbouring communities, giving rise to localised production styles. The use of Refrescadors – water-cooled alembic stills to allow for single shot distillation is widespread, as is an apprehension towards the shishe, or colas the low alcohol end run of the distillation.

These two local elements, combined with the unique varietals of yeast and microbes endemic to the 
area, form the basis of Miahuatlán’s terroir; the source of its instantly recognisable flavour profile. Mezcals from Miahuatlán are bright, aromatic, and mineral rich: a profile championed by our Mezcaleros, and exemplified by Pensador.