Batch PA1 tech sheet

Batch PA1 tech sheet


Batch PA1 – Tepextate de Felipe - is the first batch of Especial, our limited series of agave spirits. This batch is special. So special that it was a driving force in the formation of the series. We’d always wanted to add more expressions to the family, and given the scarcity of certain agave varietals, a limited series with different agave in each batch seemed the most sustainable option. Initially we’d wanted batches in this series to be certified mezcal, like our other two expressions. But as we met more and more producers in the region who weren’t certified, and had no interest in becoming certified, we began to see the limitations of this approach. Then we met Felipe and tried his Tepextate, and knew immediately that we needed a way of sharing it with a wider audience. Whether it was certified or uncertified, we were getting it in a bottle. It’s that good. For more discussion on the merits and limitations on certification see our article: Certification and the Case for Local Appellation. 


Being uncertified, Felipe is not required to keep detailed statistics about his productions, but the following are the broad details of this production, and the specifics about his Palenque:


Year: 2015

Region: Miahuatlán, Oaxaca

Maestro Mezcalero: Felipe Cortez



100% Tepextate

Wild, organic plants sourced from their land



Earthen ground oven

Madera Maciza (hardwood)



Hand cut by machete

Milled by Ox-drawn Composite Stone Tahona



Local well water added

Open topped pine tanks

Natural airborne yeasts



Copper Alembic Still with Refrescador

Fire powered

Number of distillations: 1

420 litres produced