Batch S1 Tech Sheet

Our first batch of Espadín. We're very excited to bring you our second expression from Miahuatlán. Our pure Espadín is more classic in profile than our Ensamble, meaning it is more versatile, working better as a food pairing and in mixed drinks. It's also exciting to have as a tool to help teach about the flavour profiles of different agaves. Taste our Espadín next to our Ensamble and you can clearly perceive the influence of the Espadín and the influence of the Madrecuishe. Both benefit from this side by side tasting, and help to display the huge variation of the category, as well as the character of the local terroir.      


Batch S1 is composed of 4 production runs. The following is true of all four runs:


Region: Miahuatlán, Oaxaca

Maestro Mezcalero: Atenogenes Garcia

Maguey / Agave: 100% Espadín / Angustifolia

Organic estate grown crops fertilised with Bagasso - cooked agave fibres. 

Guamuch (Oak) and Mesquite smoked

Cut by handheld machete

Crushed by Composite Stone Tahona

Natural Fermentation with wild airborne yeasts and local well water

 2 x distillations in fire powered Copper alembic stills



The following are the distinct details of each run:


Production Run 1:


April to June 2013

147 Espadín Piñas weighing 7600kg

5 day roast in a traditional ground oven

9 day natural fermentation in open top sabino (Cypress) wooden vats

749 Litres, 300 sold locally leaving 446 Litres at 47.9%ABV 


Production Run 2:


June to August 2014

80 Espadín Piñas weighing 5500kg

8 day roast in a traditional ground oven

12 day natural fermentation in open top sabino (Cypress) wooden vats

405 Litres at 48.7% ABV


Production Run 3:


September to November 2014

70 Espadín Piñas weighing 5500kg

7 day roast in a traditional ground oven

8 day natural fermentation in open top sabino (Cypress) wooden vats

405 Litres at 48.5% ABV 


Production Run 4:


Date: April - June 2016

80 Espadín Piñas weighing 5500kg

6 day roast in a traditional ground oven

13 day natural fermentation in open top sabino (Cypress) wooden vats

456 Litres made. 110 Sold locally leaving 334 litres at 47.9% ABV. 


These 4 production runs were combined to create a total 1597 litres at 47.8% ABV.


Batch S1 is special for a few reasons:


1. The majority of the batch was made in 2014, and part of it in 2013, meaning it has been resting in stainless steel containers for 8 years! This sort of mezcal aged in inert containers (as opposed to wooden barrels) is referred to as Madurado, meaning Matured. It doesn't flood the profile with the vanilla and caramel of Oak barrels, but the flavours become rounder and more integrated with a luscious thick mouthfeel. It is a rare and sort after style of mezcal.   


2. S1 was has been made by Atenogenes, the Mezcalero behind our Ensamble. While Atenogenes will always make our Ensamble, in future the majority of our batches of Espadín will come from his neighbour - Onofre Ortiz. While both have a very similar style of mezcal, and are equally talented craftsmen, there are unique nuances to their mezcals, and Atenogenes' take on Espadín will not always be available.


3. It's really, really tasty.


So our wholehearted advice would be to stock up while you can. There were 3194 bottles of S1 brought over to the UK - but at the rate we're drinking it's not going to be around for long!