B Corp Certification

It's been a very long time coming but we are happy to announce that Meanwhile Drinks - our parent company - is now a certified B Corporation. This makes Pensador the World's First B Corp Certified Mezcal. 

B Corp certification is managed by B Labs UK who are a not-for-profit organisation that dig deep into companies' operational systems and supply lines to analyse if they are treating their suppliers, customers, and the environment with fairness and compassion, or if they're just in it for the dollar. After a long and rigorous assessment they have concluded that we're doing stuff right - that we look out for our stakeholders (not just shareholders) and value purpose above profit - and so we are worthy of their certified approval and B Corp badge of honour.

Learn more about the certification process here.


Going for B Corp Certification wasn't an obvious decision for us. Our producers’ interests have always been at the heart of our supply side decisions and we give our customers complete clarity about our process. Since 2021 we have also been committed to our charitable donation - 10% of proceeds donated to community projects in the areas where our mezcal is made. In other words, we already know that we were doing stuff right. So why would we invest considerable time and money convincing B Labs to tell us what we already knew?

In the end we chose to go for it because we believe in third party accreditation. The B Corp certification won't change the way that we do business, but it could have a significant and positive impact on the way that some of the bigger players operate. So, by getting involved and promoting the system, we're helping to put pressure on the bad guys to reform their wicked ways. Not unlike the way that we support Mezcal Certification instead of simply selling uncertified Destilado de Agave. More on that here.  

We also figured that if we were going to be a B Corp certified mezcal, we might as well be the first!