Batch JX1 Tech Sheet

We’re excited to announce the 2nd installment of our Especial limited series – Batch JX1 from Jose Garcia. Jose is a founding pillar and core member of the Pensador collective. The youngest of Atenogenes’ three children, and the only one actively involved in the family business, Jose has been there from the very beginning – co-producing our 2017 batch of Ensamble of Espadín and Madrecuishe. He has been involved in every batch of our classic Ensamble since and has recently taken the reigns as head of exports. He also finds time to make his own batches of mezcal. His productions share a family resemblance with his father’s, but with a preference for rare agaves and experimental ensambles. Batch JX1 is a case in point.


JX1 is an ensamble of 4 magueys, only 3 of which are agaves. This is a slightly confusing bit of terminology. “Maguey” is the local collective term for “agave”, and generally speaking they cover the same area, but while “agave” is a scientific term based on genetics, “maguey” is based on observable features. So there are some magueys which look and behave like agaves, but are genetically distinct. One example is Chucharilla – which is the Lucidum Rose species of Dasylirion, the genus used as the base for Sotol produced in the north of Mexico. For more on the distinction between genus, species and common names see our Journal post – When is a Maguey Not an Agave.


The sort of cross genus production displayed in JX1 is rare enough in Mexico. In Europe it is practically unique. Throw in some big hitting agaves - Tepextate, Bicuishe, and Tobala – and you have a very complex and very exciting liquid. What our Especial series is all about.   


The nose on JX1 is disctictive with fresh cut grass, sandlewood, and citrus, but the palate is the real journey: kicking off with jasmine and camomile, followed by fresh herbs and grapefruit zest, before rounding off with biscuits, caramel, and earthy minerals. Try pairing with green olives for an umami bomb.


Production dates: February – March 2022


Town: San Isidro

Region: Miahuatlán, Oaxaca

Maestro Mezcalero: Jose Garcia



Cucharilla – 1500kg

Tepextate – 1000kg

Bicuishe – 1000kg

Tobala – 900kg

Sourced from Yegose, San Luis Amatlan



Earthen ground oven

Mesquite, Guamuchil, Oak

8 Day Roast



Hand cut by machete

Milled by Composite Stone Tahona



Local well water added

Open topped pine tanks

Natural airborne yeasts

11 Day Fermentation



300 litre Copper Alembic Still

Fire powered

Number of distillations: 2

200 litres produced